Friday, January 2, 2015

Working with PizzaExpress to Create an Oustanding Art Piece for Clockenflap!

Clockenflap is Hong Kong's biggest music festival and every year brings out some really incredible acts from all over the world, which have included Chvrches, Mogwai, De La Soul, The Flaming Lips, Franz Ferdinand, Kool & The Gang, Travis and many others. 

Hong Kong Music Festival Clockenflap 2014 MogwaiHong Kong Music Festival Clockenflap 2014 featuring Chvrches

The Flaming Lips China Music Festival 2014 Clockenflap Hong Kong Music Festival 2014 Clockenflap featuring Mogwai

Of course people at gigantic non-stop 3 day music festivals need to eat, which is where PizzaExpress comes in, as they've been working together with Clockenflap since they're earliest days years ago. Now as a serious lover of music, art and food and having worked in all three of those industries, you can imagine how happy I was when I got a call from my old buddies at PizzaExpress telling me that they wanted to bring an art element to their booth this year and could I select a fantastic artist for them, help them commission the piece and install it.

PizzaExpress Hong Kong

Well I had no problem at all selecting the artist for them, as it just so happened that one of my good friends happens to be one of the most awesome artists in Hong Kong. His name is Peter Yuill and in addition to his incredible paintings, he has been creating fantastic graffiti art & street art since he was a teenager, enjoys a good whiskey and sports an impressive and sophisticated moustache. For all of these reasons I had been dying to work with him on a project for ages, but especially because of the moustache.
Canadian born Hong Kong Artist and Street Artist Peter Yuill

Peter has hosted several successful exhibitions in Hong Kong and I've selected a few examples from two of my favourites below. The first one called "Central Project" focuses on traditional HK buildings and streets around Central area, whilst the second one titled "Fading Glory" showcases impressive vehicles from the near past, such as Zeppelins, Steam Trains and Battleships. One of the things I love most about the Fading Glory exhibition is that each of the paintings actually contains incredibly detailed traditional HK Cityscapes subtly painted into the larger artwork, in some cases almost hidden if you do not look closely. I have included a zoomed in example below so you can see better what I am referring to. Hope you enjoy the artwork: 
Central Project Hong Kong Artist Peter YuillCentral Project Hong Kong Artist Peter Yuill

Zeppelin Painted by Peter Yuill Artist from CanadaCanadian born HK Artist Peter Yuill holds Fading Glory Exhibition

Destroyer painted by Hong Kong Artist Peter Yuill for Fading Glory Exhibition

So back to the project at hand! I talked to Peter and he was definitely up for it. We decided the best way to go would be to buy an enormous piece of wood and paint directly onto that. In that way we would be able to produce a huge piece of art and at the same time create something solid and robust that could stand up to the elements at the open air seafront booth.

With that decided and with Peter already having a great idea in mind he put the brush to work right away. A short time after he had the first part done:

Canadian born Hong Kong Artist Peter Yuill Painting for Clockenlap and PizzaExpress

Then after a brief stint of working a few days without sleep, the maestro had completed the full picture. As you can see below it is an integration of PizzaExpress into a very typical HK inner-city environment, in this case one of the oldest and most famous housing estates. 

I absolutely love the level of detail and commitment to all the tiny iconic elements that make this a truly unique Hong Kong scene. Click on the pic to blow it up large and examine all the precisely re-produced street signs, illegal rooftop structures, illegal electric cabling and other items that you will never see in other parts of the developed world:  

PizzExpress HK featuring artist Peter Yuill at Clockenflap 2014

Once it was all done we just had to transport it over to the Clockenflap and install it in the PizzaExpress booth. I think you'll agree that it looked pretty magnificent hung up in the open air booth with the Hong Kong skyline behind it. 

HK Artist Peter Yuill Painting for Clockenflap and PizzaExpressPeter Yuill painting for PizzaExpress at Clockenflap 2012
PizzaExpress at Clockenflap 2012

A job well done I would say and a big thank you to PizzaExpress for making it happen and most importantly to Peter Yuill for his incredible work!