Sunday, June 2, 2013

Harvey Nichols X Jonathan Jay Lee Chinese New Year Campaign!

I love art (at least most art) and I am a huge fan of Jonathan Jay Lee's work, so when he contacted me to ask if I could help arrange a cooperation with him and Harvey Nichols for Chinese New Year I was overjoyed. This is exactly the kind of work I love to do - helping truly creative and highly skilled people (artists, musicians, directors etc.) to link up with forward thinking and creative brands to help them get their work out into the public eye!

So who is this Jonathan Jay Lee that I'm talking about? Well he is an extremely talented comic artist, illustrator, digital artist and painter who also happens to be the only Hong Kong born and raised comic artist I know of to be published by Marvel Comics! He was invited to draw his own version of The Punisher for the anthology comic book titled "Strange Tales" that Marvel releases every year. For this awesome project JJL basically did a Chinese Triad version of The Punisher set in HK! Now tell me that's not awesome?

You can check out a selection of Jonathan's fantastic artwork here:
Agent 88 Artwork for Heavy Metal Magazine

Cityscapes of Canton Road and West Kowloon

Original Artwork - Last Kiss
Live Painting for Hong Kong Jockey Club & Illustration for Kronenbourg 1664

Jonathan Jay Lee's Version of The Punisher & his original creation Wolf & Cub
Original Commissioned Artwork - The Drummer
So for this crossover job with Harvey Nichols, they were looking for JJL to specifically design a co-branded Jonathan Jay Lee X Harvey Nichols loyalty card for their most important VIP customers to celebrate Chinese New Year. The cards would be individually mailed to each VIP with a value of HK$888 pre-installed on the card for them to use at any Harvey Nichols store. For the card itself they wanted it to be an original artistic creation in Jonathan's typical style, but also to reflect traditional Chinese New Year values and artwork. This eventually led to a JJL's re-interpretation of a popular motif from ancient China the Boy and Ox in the field.

Have a look below to see what the final card looked like:
Can't wait to do our next collaboration project together! In the meantime you can check out the rest of Jonathan Jay Lee's work here: